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Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues
by Marc Sims

February 2004


Be not afraid, only believe Mark-5:36

When I was a boy, back in the 1970’s wanted to play baseball for the Chicago White Sox. I had daydreams of hitting homeruns, and doing my home run trot as the huge scoreboard explodes fireworks in the to Southside sky.

Dick Allen played first base for the White Sox, he was my favorite ball player. He wore the number 15, my lucky number. It would have been great to play professional baseball at the old White Sox park!

I had daydreams and daydreams of playing right field.

There were deep fly balls, and I would back up on the warning track, stick my out my hand to feel the closeness of the outfield wall. At the last second I would leap up and make a spectacular catch.

My dreams of a baseball career end thirty years ago after one season of little league. I thought I wasn’t good enough to play pony league and play ball in high school. I was also far too afraid to leave Chicago and try out for a minor league team.

Although I never achieved my baseball dreams I did taste a bit of baseball glory. The night the White Sox clinched a division title in 1983 I was there.

Old White Sox Park was standing room only packed! The sox hadn’t won anything since 1959 so this night was magic for Sox fans. When the final out was had the massive crowd exploded! The force of the crowd seem to float me down the stairs of the right field stands, then over the green padded wall, and down on to the warring track.

It was pandemonium on the field! I was running a run on the outfield as fire works field the Chicago sky!

I tell you this story to remind your mental visions can become a reality. Maybe not exactly they way you envisioned your goals, but your mind can draw you to your goals.

In grammar school and in high school I daydreamed of being a news anchor for the CBS owned TV station.
I would set at my desk and mentally pretended I was anchoring the Channel 2 News.
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I wanted give TV viewers my views on the news! I had big dreams, but no plans to make them a reality. High school quickly ended and so did my career as a TV news anchor. The dream faded because I was afraid. I lack the academic skills, the dispend, and the confidence to prepare myself to be a news anchor.

Fear prevented me from asking anyone for wisdom and guidance. I suffered from a very poor self-image.
Eleven years later I mustered enough positive energy to become a public access producer. This wasn’t anchoring the Channel 2 News, but millions of Chicagoans could watch me provide information that they could not get on commercial television. The core of my life long dream became a reality and I hope to become a part of a cultural movement that will that every African American neighborhood is safe, clean, and has excellent schools.

During the 1970’s I wandered why Black people would intensely signify on each other? Why were we calling each other Black Sambos, high yellow niggas, and other degrading names? I wanted to know why some Black people lived in “the ghetto”? Why was everything white was good and everything black was bad?
Today you and I know the truth, but there are billions of people on earth who do not have a clue, or are in deep denial.

Part of my mission in life is to “demystify the bullshit”, and enlighten the masses! What is your mission in life?
Staying focus and achieving your personal goals is almost impossible without having a mission. The forces of evil will knock you down, but do not allow your fears and lack of confidence keep a on the canvas. It is easy to give up, but you can’t give up! Hang in there, use whatever skills you have, never quit and you will succeed.

You have the responsablity of inspiring and neutering future generations. The children you see everyday have dreams and goals, and it is our responsibility to help them achieve their goals.

We all have goals, dreams, and desires, but fear stops most people from living a more productive life. My fears has delayed this small book from being written and published. It has taken me more than ten years to overcome the fear of criticism. Some fears are natural, but most are learned, and all fears are in the mind. Fear is preventing the masses of African Americans from living far beyond a life of day-to-day survival.

African Americans think it is impossible to end the pervasive crime and hopelessness in our low-income neighborhoods. However, all things are possible!
We can achieve our goals as soon as we get over
our fears.

Yes, I am talking about our conscious and unconscious fears of criticism, loss of friendship and loss of employment. Overcoming these fears are not an easy task for “the White man” controls for every aspect of life in the United States of America. During slavery Black people were punished for opposing white supremacy and today African Americans are afraid to oppose the racist institutions
of the United States. We have also been conditioned to revere the institutions of the US. We have been conditioned to fear and admire the local and national institutions of the Unite States of America.

African Americas will serve and protect the racist institutions of the United States before will mildly considering serving and protecting each other. Black people are subconsciously afraid of White people!

We have been made afraid to be are natural selves and conduct our selves as sons and daughters of God!

Everyday we kill each other in our neighborhood, or kill other human beings all over the world for the US military, but we known we better not harm any White people! Consciously and subconsciously all African Americans know it is not wise to take on “the man” and his family!

Integration has made us totally dependent on the benevolence of European Americans. Most of our jobs, mortgages, insurance, and consumer loans all come from white folks!

We are like a third world nation placed in check by debt and dependency. You can speak out against inequality, injustice, and white supremacy, but at you own economic peril! There are a few economically free African Americans but they are shamefully too full of fear to speak against white supremacy.

One reason this book was written was to free the author from “the master’s plantation”.

The white slave master and his overseers do not physically exist, they are just figments of my imagination.

I could have run away to freedom at anytime but was fearful I could not survive without a paycheck. A steady paycheck can defer the dream of becoming self-employed. Freeing yourself from debt and dead-end jobs is an extremely daunting task! Very few people can free themselves from their fears with out any help. There are African Americans who have freed themselves from the plantation, but how many of them are leading other black people to freedom?

You may have great dreams, desires, and goal but are afraid to go down the rough road to freedom.

To free your self from your fears, your neurosis, or your character disorder, or any other mental challenge you have may take years of dogged determination. Then again! You can begin to transform yourself instantly!
Everyday there are “moments of truth” were we choose to take a positive or negative action.

You can allow irrational fear control you and stifle your personal growth or you can become proactive and move closer to achieving your goals! I know it is hard to overcome fear, but you can. You have overcome other fears and you can overcome your current fears.

I wrote the first part of the book years ago then became discourage and stopped. A few years went buy before I was inspired to finish this book. Then there was two years of rewriting and proofreading. During the entire process there were hours, days, weeks, and months of procrastination.
This small book is the result of a transformed self-image. For years and years I felt I was not smart enough to write and book. I felt I was not smart enough to go beyond a paycheck-to-paycheck existence.

Most African Americans are in a perpetual survival mode. They are held down by the vicious forces of racism, classism, self-doubt, superstiton, and religious dogma.
Theses are pretty strong forces to overcome, but theses mental chains can be broken! A cultural movement is desperately needed to improve the self-image of the masses of Black people.

I am sure you have heard the naysayers lament; “it is hopeless”! “Trying to wake up the children of the mentally dead masses is a waste of your valuable time”! “ Black people don’t want freedom, they want fantasy”! “Why are you trying to push a mule that does not want to move”? “ Forget about the poor, and focus on making yourself one of the rich”! “

These are the worlds of the naysayers, but just imagine African Americans working together and ending the crime and poverty that plagues our lower income neighborhoods.

When we achieve this seemingly impossible dream half of the world would ask us for wisdom and guidance.

We are approaching the end of the world! Not the end of the planet earth, but the end of wars and rumors of wars. We are witnessing the fulfillment of “the scriptures” and the end of the bamboozlement of the masses! There is too much wisdom and technology for this world to have famine, diseases, and explicit ignorance. It is the responsibility of the righteous to enlighten and empower the masses, but the power of evil scares most of the righteous and they stick their heads in the sand. Which leaves them wide open for a good kick in the butt!

There is only a very small percent of “really” bad people in a high crime neighborhood. Theses people lead their minions to do evil and scare the rest of us back into our homes. Who are these people? Where did they come from? Are they evil sprits, or government agent provocateurs? These evil sprits who make our neighborhood “bad” are our children!
Black people are naturally peaceful people. It is unnatural for us to distrust, disrespect, and commit crimes against each other. There is an evil element that influences African American culture, our thoughts, and our consciousness. The system of white supremacy is very real and our children must be aware of it. Our children, especially our boys must know the “white man” is out to get them! The US government has, and will place agent provocateurs in African American neighborhoods to destabilize them. Don’t you wander why we cannot work together to pool our recourses and fund after school, and Saturday school programs for all our children? If there is a group of African Americans trying to organize to improve the conditions in our lower income neighborhoods you best believe Negro provocateurs are sent in to derail the process. We could negate these Negroes and end the chaos in our community if we focus on our children. Some children are blessed with a loving, nurturing home to go to after school. There also million of African American children who ain’t so lucky! If we really loved all children we would provide programs and instructions that will help them with their homework and inspire them to become productive human beings. The main thing that is stopping us is Willie Lynch. It is time to end the Willie Lynch effect!

Willie Lynch is a metaphor for the divide and conquer tactics that are used on Black people.
Remember the goal of our enemies is to keep the Black man, the Black woman, and their children divided! It is time to end our ignorance, and our self-hatred of each other.

There are six billion people on the earth but only a hundred and forty four thousand are needed the transform urban Black American and the rest of the world.
This is where “the tipping point” meets “the six degrees of separation”. This is how ideas can enter the consciousness of millions, or billions of people. This is how thoughts manifest into material things.

There was only a small percent of Black people who directly participated on the civil rights movement; a
”movement” that influenced the entire world!
One committed person can influence a lot of people, and a small group of committed people can motivate millions! We all have a circle of influence. We all know two or three hundred people. Also every one we know knows at least three hundred people.
Good news travels fast, and bad news even faster. There are positive and negative thoughts all around us. You have the power to send positive thoughts throughout the entire universe!

Do you think it is possible to raise the awareness of Black people to the point were we do not tolerate street crimes and inferior public schools?

Let me repeat, the goal is to make every African American neighborhood safe, clean, and to provide excellent schools for our children.
A cultural movement is the best way to achieve this goal. The goal must be repeated again and again until it is ingrained the mind of the masses of Black people. This can accomplish via the institutions and celebrities that influence popular culture.

This process of transforming urban Black America begins you sending positive information to your circle of influence. You may not personally know any athletes or entertainers but the people you know have friends or family that knows someone that personally knows someone who influences popular culture. When you contact everyone you know, you are connecting with thousands, maybe millions for people. Do you think a phone call, letter, post card, e-mail, or a thought saying “be not afraid, only believe” would positively influence almost everyone you know? Can you think of some other thought, message, or idea that would positively influence almost everyone you know? Will you consider sending positive thoughts to everyone you know?

All things are possible, but we must believe all things are possible. We will have all the power we need if we only believe.

African Americans as a group, believe there will always be homes and neighborhoods filled with chaos and drama. We can end the chaos and drama, but we need to replace our thoughts of complacency and hopelessness with thoughts of a transforming power and a divine purpose.

The End