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Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues (Paperback)
by Marc Sims


I have outlined a number of differences among the slaves, and I take these differences and make them bigger. I use fear, distrust, and envy for control purposes.

Willie Lynch

The African American masses have a hard time unifying and transforming the our low-income neighborhoods because of two forces - negroisum and white supremacy. We can defeat racism and white supremacy if we ever defeat negroism.

Unfortunately, most African American leaders act as if the white man cannot be defeated. The truth is, they really do not want white supremacy defeated. They will say, “how are we going to make some money with out the help of the white man”? They have a; if you can’t beat them, join them mentality. Many African American leaders pretend they are fighting for the advancement of the masses of Black people but the fighting for the advancement of them selves, their family, and their friends. The original followers of Elijah Muhammad were taught about the 5%; the poor righteous teachers, the 10%; the bloodsuckers, and the 85%; the mentally dead masses. Most African American leaders would be tossed in the 85% group, but the rest are part of the 10% blood-sucking group. The 10% are people who have wisdom and knowledge, but use their wisdom and knowledge to hoodwink and bamboozle the mentally African American dead masses.

To many African American leaders are corrupt to some degree. This is because they give in to the need to stay on top. That desire, combined with the desire to keep the money rolling in corrupts their honest intentions.

In the United States, the goal is to make a whole lot of money and, or gain a whole lot of power. The goal of the poor is to just get through the day. The goal of the middle classes is to stay away from the poor and to act like they have got it going on!

Living the life of the rich and famous is very exciting. Going to fancy parties, driving luxury automobiles, and in a large home or a deluxe apartment in the sky is the goal of African American “leaders”. In the United States cash is king, and having a mulit-million dollar investment portfolio is even better. This is especially true if you are a “leader”. The poor masses will not follow someone poor like them, and the middle class will not follow someone who is not “educated”. The masses want their leaders to have lots of money, expensive cars, and fine clothes.
The masses follow the “leader” or follow the follower rather than following proven principles and values.
What African Americans follow is truth mixed with falsehood, wrapped in dazzling packaging.

Most African American leaders probably feel the masses are asses! Because of this, many African American leaders face a dilemma. If they tell masses of African Americans “the whole truth” the masses wouldn’t believe it. If they told the masses the hard cold truth, they lose his followers and go broke
or get themselves killed. The truth can set the masses free, but it will also create some enemies for our leaders. The Willie Lynch powers that be don’t want the black masses to know the truth, so the black leaders who know the truth keep the to themselves.

Any African American leader who tries to enlighten the masses will be vilified in the media. If that doesn’t work, the IRS will investigate him or her. If that doesn’t stop the bold black leader, the powers that be will find a way to put these black leaders in jail or have them killed!

New, strong, and truthful African American leaders are desperately needed to tell young African Americans about the Willie Lynch game. It is the game of divide and conquer! It has African Americans fighting and killing each other everyday.

There are white and black leaders who are running the Willie Lynch game on African Americans every day. The United States government, the media
and every other American institutions are a part of the game. Young brothers and sisters need to know the United States has a history of investigating and infiltrating black organizations. If the United States had government agents and provocateurs in the past, they can surely have them now. There probably are investigations and infiltrations of black organizations going on right now, and the purpose is to keep us at odds with each other. Have you ever notice that every time a group African Americans begin to get a movement going some Negroes, or some conservatives show up to derail the movement? Think about it!

African American communities are in chaos, and we are accustomed to chaos. Too many of our “leaders” believe the Black poor are hopeless, so they just dazzle the masses with bullshit, but poor can be transformed if the culture around them changes.

New leaders are desperately needed
to change our urban culture. We need new black leaders who are specialist. We need leaders you will specialize in finance, business, real estate, the law, psychology, and education. Theses specialist have to show young African American students how run a business, and how to provide products and services for the Black community.

We also need black leaders that will take an issue and stay with it to the end. Will see someone become very passionate about an issue for a month or a year then just burn out. Enlightening the masses is hard job, because the masses are comfortable. When you spend a lot of time listening to the radio or watching a silly TV show or DVD you have very little time for enlightenment.

African Americans need leaders but not need any more religious leaders.
We have far too many religious “leaders”! We have prayed, and turned the other cheek long enough! African Americans need at the least a 144,000 young hell raisers!

The problem is organized religion is fear based, so it holds back African Americans from real enlightenment. Organized religion has the average Brother and Sista afraid of going to hell, but they must realize they are already living in hell. Especially if you are following a leader who is getting their haven while they live, and you live from paycheck to paycheck.

Many African American leaders are Christians, but they are afraid to truly become Christ like. Christ was a man of truth! He did not capitulate, grin and tap dance, or lick the boots of the Sadducees and Pharisees. Today’s Christian ministers ought to be ashamed of themselves. How many ministers tell their followers that the kingdom of heaven is within? How many ministers tell their followers to work together, pool their resources, and turn their neighborhoods into a haven on earth?
It would wonderful if we had leaders that would enlighten us to the point where we did not need leaders.
African American leaders want the masses to follow them, but we need leaders that will lead masses to themselves.

In this modern time, as we live in this new millennium, there still remain divisions between the young and the old, the dark skinned and the light skinned, the male and the female African Americans. Our leaders should be working to end theses divisions!

African Americans are a very confused people because real leaders rarely allowed on major radio or TV talk shows. The media in America gives us African Americans who are non-threathing. When we see these brothers and sisters on television they are very well read but they are conservatives or integrationist. The media producers keep the nationalist thinking African American leaders far away from the masses for fear they will wake up
them up.

It is all about mind control! It is all about controlling your thoughts! Who you are, where you live, and what you have, are all reflections of your thoughts. Willie Lynch conditioned the thoughts of the slaves and their thoughts were passed down from generation to generation. These are thoughts of fear, powerlessness, and distrust. You, the poor, the rich, or anyone else cannot become successful without the help of other people. It takes a unified force of thought to bring thought into material reality. This is how a individual or a community manifests their goals. It takes real thinking, a real plan, a real purpose, and some real action to achieve a goal. Manifesting a thought from your mind into a physical reality may take some time, but it can be done. You have done this for your self millions of times in your life.

It can take month after month, or year after year of positive actions before success is achieved, but success is inventible for the person that is committed to the quest.

Fear is the number one reason for failure! That is why the assistance of wise people is definitely needed to overcome one’s fears of failure. This is why leadership should encourage the masses of American Americans to think positive thoughts and work in a corporative manner.
Black leaders must teach the masses how to clear their minds and think with pure thoughts. If we had mind enlightening leaders, African Americans would be inspired to make every neighborhood safe and clean.

While we wait for the new leaders to emerge, it is up to ordinary people like you to lead the way. Yes, ordinary people like you! Your mission, it you choose to accept it, is to influence the influencers of popular culture. That means you have to call, write, e-mail, or go out in the streets and protest until you get their attention. Then tell the radio stations, television and motion picture producers exactly what you want!

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