Sunday, August 30, 2009


Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues
by Marc Sims


For fear of the young male’s life, she will
Psychologically train him to be mentally weak and
dependent buy physically strong.

Willie Lynch

The brothers have some serious problems! Every day African American men have to fight a covert racist society and the negative perceptions and realities of just being a black man. It’s damn near a loosing battle! It takes a whole lot of energy. Only a few brothers are strong enough to deal with the mental stress and strain of white supremacy. Too many brothers are not even aware of how white supremacy affects them. There are a whole lot of Brothers that are angry and they take their anger out on their families. Theses men are physically beating up their girl friends, their baby’s mama, their babies, or their own mother. There are thousands of young Brothers terrorizing African American neighborhoods. They are angry, but they will not take their anger out on the “White Man”! These Brothers do not have a historical awareness of institutional racism and White supremacy. We know it is not fashionable to blame “the white man,” but white men has a long history of holding down the progress of the Black man.

Please understand, a conscious black man is a direct threat to the United States white male dominated society.
White man is a minority, he is only a small percentage the earth’s human population so he uses fear and ignorance to rule over the human family.

In the days of slavery, white men knew they had to turn their African slaves into something they could control. So African men, women, and children were turned into Negroes. Today, most African American men are bourgeois Negroes, or ghetto Negroes; very few Black men are attempting to raise the consciousness of the masses. The unseen forces don’t want the masses to gain any awareness so the manufacturing of men with a Negro or ghetto mentality continues to be a massive 24/7 process.

The modern African American boy is mentally crushed in grammar school. They may have some promise in pre-school or kindergarten, but in first grade the process kicks in the high gear. By the time a boy gets to the six grade, the ball game is all most over! African American boys need to be seriously protected from the brain washing tactics of the United States educational system. Black boys come out of grammar school not loving their African heritage, their African American heritage, or themselves. Year after year we allow our boys to attend inferior public schools and then we wonder why they don’t like school. African American boys don’t like school because the school educators, administrators, and the American education system do not like African American boys. The African American boys that are forced by their parents to conform do well in school will tend to start acting “white”. The boys who do not conform tend to start acting like niggers!

For the sake of this argument, acting like white people means you have a dislike for the poor, or less educated African Americans. There is a real thin line between being educated and acting like white people. Children are not stupid and they know when a peer or adult is acting white. Children know when a teacher cares about them or when a teacher is out for themselves.

How many formally educated African American men really care about the masses of African Americans?

Our boys need an excellent education, but they also have to be taught to love themselves. Boys who hate themselves can grow up to become men who abuse their girlfriends, wives, mothers, or grandmothers. A young man who loves him self is least likely to commit suicide or cause harm to his family or his neighborhood.

Some boys grow up to become well-adjusted men, and boys grow up to become angry men. Special schools must be created for of our boys “bad” boys. These grammar schools should be built in the county so the boys are far away from the angry urban life! Think about it! The United States governments build prisons in the country, but these institutions are there to make sure African American men never realize their true potential.

There are so many black men in prison it would make a wise person think America’s public schools and state prisons are structured to stop the raise of a black messiah. The powers that be do not want to see a modern version of Martin Luther King or Malcolm X.

Black men are about six percent of the United State’s population and they are about fifty percent of the inmates in the various prisons throughout the United States. African Americans are disproportionately in prison, disproportionately college dropouts, and they are disproportionately murdered. One can easily see there is a grand conspiracy to control or destroy young black men, thus destabilizing the Black community.

The white man does not want to fairly compete with the black man on a mental or physical level. The black man is a very powerful human being. This is why the main goal of Willie Lynch was to separate the black man from the black woman. The black man is powerful and unstoppable when he works in unison with the black woman. Too bad the sisters and the brothers don’t work together; they have been bamboozled by Willie Lynch.

Some African American men are physically threatening! Some African American men are intellectually threatening! Some African American men are spiritually threatening! The White man is threatened by a Brother who has his stuff together.
There are plenty of successful African American men but the Brothers have one strong weakness, women, especially White women!

There was a time when black men were killed for talking to, or just looking at a white women. Now jungle fever is a way of life. We know it’s a challenge for any man to turn down some really good booty, but men can muster the energy to control themselves if they have real good reasons to control themselves. Far to may African American men are focused the their personal needs and not the needs of the African American Family. The White girls are focused on what they and they know what Black men want!

Most men have very simple needs. They want plenty of good food, good sports, and good sex! African American men want women to comfort them, not to constantly nag them! Sure, most men need to be aggressively encouraged, but not constantly nagged. The white woman knows men want like a king, so she will do what ever it takes to make the Black man feel like a king.

Today African American women have to compete all kind a women of color, and also the Black man’s desire for the White woman!

African American community has a chronic need for more African American families in our urban neighborhoods. We have too much chaos in our community because of the divisions between the African American women and men.

Willie Lynch is still in effect! He did an outstanding job getting us to distrust each other. It will take a few years of intense private meetings, community forums, movies, television and radio shows to eliminate our Willie Lynch conditioning. The challenge is getting our well-read African American men to display some of their knowledge and creativity in public. These brothers need to quit “sciencing” to each other and go out and “science” to our African American boys!

Teaching boy about their life in racist America is a formidable task but real men have to step in the ring and teach our boys how to triumph over the forces of evil. African American man and women have let Black men who are wise teach their boys the racist history of the United States and how present day America is still racist today. We cannot expect the public school system to teach Black boys properly.

“The village” has to teach our boys principles and values. For far too long the African American community have allowed African American men to abandon their children. Unfortunately we can’t teach old dogs, so we will have to focus our attention and our boys. They need to grow up in a community, a culture that doesn’t allow irresponsibility. Children should have the love of their father or at least one healthy relationship with a real man. A boy will have trouble becoming a responsible man if he is allowed to be irresponsible. So it is our responsibility; teachers, preachers, athletes, entertainers, all of us, must help the young boys in our community become responsible men.

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