Monday, August 31, 2009


Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues
by Marc Sims


Don’t forget, you must pit the old black male vs. the
young black, and the young black female against the old black female.

Willie Lynch

African Americans have been victimized by the Willie Lunch’s of the past and present. Yes, African Americans are victims of European America’s racism. Being a victim is not the problem. The challenge rallying to overcome the effects of the oppression. Now, this is a real challenge!

Do you think a person that can’t read or doesn’t read has the intellect ignore the forces of depiction?

There is an old saying; if you want to keep something from a nigger put it in a book!
Not enough African American read book with purpose of improving the quality of life in our community. There are books and web sites that will help anyone get more out of life. There is plenty of how to information; how to find a good husband, raise smart children, run a successful business, and successfully invest money.
Of course history book and biographies are some of the best books to read. The history of African American are filled with stories of triumph over racism.

White folks have always made it hard for Black folks to achieve, but when the playing field is even Black people achieve! After our talented Brothers and Sisters become successful they are socially separated from the masses of Black people. Thus we do not fully benefit from their talent, money or intellect.

We don’t all look alike or think alike, and we don’t all have the same goals and aspirations. However, we all have a common history, and we should not forget our ancestors who suffered though the centuries of slavery and the hellish years after slavery. Despite our education, economic, or political differences African American should work together to end the crime and poverty in our neighborhoods.

This book is for everyone to read, but especially for African American teens and young adults. They will have to decide whether to remain in the United States of America or relocate somewhere on the continent named Africa.

The thought of leaving the United States wouldn’t be necessary if American was a place of peace, justice, and equality. The US is a great place to live if you have the money to stay away from the crime ridden neighborhoods.

The poor in America have very few options. The poor endure the majority of the injustices of the United States.

So it is up to the upper and middle income African Americans to protect
Their less successful Brothers and Sisters. This is dammed near impossible because we are so divided and conquered. Willie Lynch did a great job of pitting the black woman against the black man, and the old against the young, and the lighter skinned slaves against the darker skinned slaves. Now African Americans have class divisions.

Today the talent our best and brightest educated Brothers And Sisters is use to benefit White folks, not us!

Today African Americans must come to gripes with reality and step out of the troubled waters of denial. Yes, it is time for African Americans to blame “the White man” for most of our problems! We after we get that off
of our chest, then we can begin to take reasonability for our future.
It is time for African Americans to end the curse of Willie Lynch!

Mr. Lynch was right, his tactics have lasted for 300 years. It is amazing African Americans have been mental slaves for so long! We act like don’t want to be free. It looks like we just want to have a good time. We do not want justice and peace. We just want large amounts of pleasure. We want every thing rich white folks have. We want to buy our way to happiness.

They way we think and what we do is no accident, we have programmed to be mental slaves.

This is our life in the United States of America, the land of the free and the home of the slaves!

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