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Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues (Feb 2004)
by Marc Sims

Unedited Galley Version please excuse the typos


And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not their's, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.

Genesis 15 Verse 13 & 14

The fate of African Americans is tied to the fate of the United States. Although the United States is changing, whites will stay in power because the American way is the white American way. Anyone who hopes to obtain any position of power must think like white European Americans. The future challenge for the powers that be is keeping the poor and lower educated African Americans happy in their neighborhoods, or in prison.

The “white man” has a
great track record of conditioning
and controlling the minds of African Americans. Today television is the number on tool of mind control and African Americans watch more television than any people on the planet earth.
TV distracts and pacifies Black folks so well we have desire to improve the conditions in our urban neighborhoods.

The intuitions the United States have controlled the minds of the slaves, the Negros, and today’s African Americans.

When the United States was a developing country, black folks were slaves. Most of us did what we were told to do. After a few hundred years, we became sharecroppers! In the south and the north, most of us did what we were conditioned to do. When the United States went to war, African Americans went to fight for their county.
African Americans have always been loyal servants to white people.
Now there is no real need for us, especially low income American Americans.

African Americans were present at the beginning of the United States and we will be present when the United States falls from grace. This is the place we call home. We don’t know any better, or we don’t think our lives can be any better living outside the United States.

Our minds have been programmed to believe that Jesus or some other messiah will save us before the United States goes down the drain. That would be wonderful, but Jesus beaming African Americans up to heaven is against the physical laws of nature.

More than likely, the United States will continue its decline because the majority of its citizens refuse to be fair. Capitalism, racism, and white supremacy are teamed up to beat down the majority of African Americans. From the horrors of slavery up to the present we have endured racism, and white supremacy. When we moved from the country racism was waiting for us in the city.

When African Americans moved to the suburbs racism was there to greet us. Racism and white supremacy is everywhere, it is the American way.

At the founding of this great nation, white men owned slaves! For over two hundred years America has continued the great tradition of injustices and inequality. America has a long history and an ever present reality of injustices and inequality against the Indians, the descendants of black African slaves, and anyone else who fights for real freedom and justice.

The modern day advocates for freedom and justice are not popular people.
If you are against the American’s unfair penile system, you’re against the American way and conservative values. You are against white America if you are for justice for all; especially if you want justice for the descendants of black African slaves.

The United States media will brand you as a bonified nut if you advocate the decimalization of illegal drugs, or other consensual crimes. You will be considered a communist if you want a Universal health plan for all US citizens. In the United States there is freedom and opportunity, but your freedom and opportunities are limited by your level of education and income.

The United States is a good place to live for those who do not rock the boat, but all great governments eventually come to the end of the road.

The United States of America can go in three directions. It could become a fair and just society. It could fall into a second world status. Or it could totally collapse. We already see the economic gap between the rich and the poor widening. We are also seeing an expanding multicultural United States. We also see a defacto one world economic system. This is the national progression of capitalism.

The United States is a country where you can see first world, second world, and third world communities. This is a country full of greatness and great contradictions. The United States is the land of milk and honey, and also a land like Sodom and Gomorra. There are mind blowing technical advances and also intense religious dogma, zealousness, and superstition. Eventually these contradictions will blow up into conflict.

We are beyond the year 2000 and real religious people continue to anticipate the arrival of a physical Jesus, or some supreme messiah, or unidentified flying objects comming down out of the sky to save the righteous. We need to have some serious discussions about “the end of the world’! We need to ask the Hebrew Israelites if African Americans are really the chosen people of God. Also the followers of Elijah Muhammad ought to fully explain the prophesy of Ezekiel’s wheel in the sky. Is there a huge space station in the cosmos poised to destroy the United States of America?

We also need to discuss the reality of Jesus! What parts of the Bible are real and what are the writer’s parabolic embellishments? We should also study other religions and their vision of the end of the world.

These questions are important because African Americans seem to be more focused on their after life opposed to their succeeding generations.

The majority of Americans would agree the end is near, but how near? The majority of Americans would agree the strange and aggressive weather that hits the United States is a sign. Is the strange weather a warning or is it the result of man made chemicals altering the earth’s atmosphere?

All good and bad things must come to an end, so let’s analyze the present. Can the United States of American remain the earth’s number one super power as it becomes more and more multicultural? Will the United States go through a steep economic decline, a devastating military defeat, or diplomatic blunder that will allow the European Union to become the earth’s “one world” super power? When will World War III begin? Will it be in 2017, 2027, or 2037?

The war of Armageddon should be the least of our worries as United States citizens because if there is a God, punishment is inevitable. The United States government has not yet given reparations for slavery. They have not given apologies for the past and present ill treatment of African Americans. Please understand some religious people believe African Americans are like the Hebrew salves and the United States will be punished by God!

White people are a minority on the planet so you will see them continue to concentrate their power to maintain their power. They will also continue to give up some power to stay in power. Don’t be surprised when you see a Latino Pope, or a Pope of African decent. Don’t be surprised when you see a Female President and a African American President. You may see this within the next fifteen to twenty-five years. However, it doesn’t matter who is the front man or women, the White man will always be in charge!

The United States is the number one economic super power for now, but it looks like the European Common Market is poised to take that position. Whether the United States remains the ruler of the free world or slides back to second or third place really doesn’t matter. Some time in this century, white people will have to earnestly share power with the earth’s people
of color. This will happen after their spears are turned into plow shears and they study war no more.

In present day America, it’s about money and the love of money could eventually ruin the United States of America. The love of money can create evils and selfishness. The US dollar is backed by the power of the US military, world trade, and the willingness of national and international investors. If the United States totally collapses, the world’s economic systems will also collapse. If the United States falls, African Americans will go down the drain with everyone else! In the meantime and for the foreseeable future, African American civil rights organizations will continue to rant and rave about how we are not treated like wealthy white Americans. The deeply, and semi-religious African Americans will continue to wait on Jesus, or some other messiah to beam them up to heaven. The rest of us will enjoy life in the moment; watching TV, spending money, gambling, shaking our booty, stuffing our faces, getting high, or getting our freak on. Ninety five percent of Black people will continue to do what they have been doing.

With all this mirth and merriment going on, we will see a small group of African Americans who will make preparations to go back home! This sounds crazy but many African Americans have moved to Africa and we will see more brothers and sister leave the United States. It sounds crazy now, but American capitalism cannot last forever. Now if you feel the United States is domed, go get your reparations, and start making preparations to leave the country.

The new world order will get old real fast, and the nations of Asia and the Arab world may end up having a world war with the United States and Europe.
World war three, the economic collapse of the United States, or any thing else will not persuade Black people to leave America.

At the end of slavery, most of the slaves did not want to go back to Africa because North America was the only home they knew. Most African Americans feel like Americans, not Africans. Moving to Africa is a scary proposition. In reality, only a very small percentage of African Americans will eventually move to the continent of Africa because they will become extremely dissatisfied with America. The millions that remain will continue to be second, third, and fourth class citizens. They will continue to fight the white power structure for civil rights and equality.

Most African Americans believe in a supreme being. They feel their personal problems and the world’s problems will receive a divine solution. African Americans need to believe they are divine, and that there are gods they will solve all of their problems.

African Americans have the power and money to solve every problem facing us today. We just suffer from the curse of Willie Lynch. We are blinded and stymied by envy, jealousy, and distrust of each other.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. That’s an old, trite, saying but it’s true for African Americans. At the turn of the century, whites had total control in the United States and we suffered injustice and inequality. Today whites Americans continue to control the United States and we suffered injustice and inequality. The descendents of African slaves seem to be content with their lives in the United States. Or we are so overwhelmed with life’s daily struggles we have very little energy to fight the forces that divide and conquer. There are millions of African Americans who are dissatisfied with their life in America but there are not enough young leaders to organize them. The Marcus Garvy movement flourished in the 1920’s; hopefully we don’t have to wait long for history to repeat its self!

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