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Willie Lynch

Why African American Have So Many Issues!

Marc Sims

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This book is about African Americans, a very complicated people. We are a group of people who cannot trace our heritage to a country. The Europeans Americans can! So can the Latinos, Asians, and any other “Americans." African Americans are also a conquered and divided people. Black Africans were bought to the “new world” as slaves for the white man. Our ancestors were stripped of their original names, religion, and culture. Then they endured 300 years of chattel slavery. If that wasn’t enough, our great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents endured 100 years of segregation, discrimination, injustice, and inequality!

Now the descendent of the slaves are free! We are now free to act like fools! We are free to spend our money anywhere, and any way our little hearts desire. More than ever before, we can live almost anywhere we want, and go to school anywhere we want. But the freedom to assimilate into the world of European Americans has also caused African Americans so many problems!

Visit any city in the United States of America and you will find African Americans residing in the “bad” part of town. Why is this? Why are there so many African American men unemployed? Why do some African American men commit so many murders, perpetrate so many street crimes, and abandon their children? There are many “good” African American men, but where are they? Are they in the suburbs? Are they in church? Or are they all living with white women?

African Americans have numerous problems and challenges that impede our progress. We have to deal with institutional racism, modern day capitalism, and the constant vilification of low income African Americans by the media. There are other problems, but the worst one we have to deal with is our own self-hatred! You can thank Mr. Lynch for starting the process and today’s White and Black leaders for continuing the process of divide and conquer.

Today there are millions of African Americans who don’t like being black, and we all have some degree of destine for each other. Anyone can find reasons not to like someone, but some African Americans look for reasons not to like other African Americans.

We must come to the cold hard reality that the white man is at the root of all of our problems. Yes, we must blame “the white man”. We must blame Willie Lynch.

Mr. Lynch was a very wise slave owner who gave a speech instructing other white slaves owners on how to control their slaves. Willie Lynch gave the slave owners his foolproof method and said it could last for three hundred years. Willie Lynch had a divide and conquer strategy of pitting the black man against the black woman. It worked then and it is working today! All of Mr. Lynch’s other strategies are also working today.

The authenticity and power of the Willie Lynch speech is really irrelevant because the strategy of divide and conquer, works. It is the oldest trick in the book of tricks because it works so well. It takes a conscious, emotionally sound individual to resist the power of a divide and conquer plot. You need to have a real understanding of world history and believe in sound principals and values to be able to withstand a divide and conquer tactic.

Ask yourself why African Americans are so divided? Why do we like white people and their world more than we love our community? Why are 70% of African American children born out of wedlock? Why are there so many single African American women? Why are there more African American women in college than African American men. Why is HIV and Aids a growing problem for young African Americans?

Why do all African Americans receive inferior health care? The issues we have goes on, and on!

You can go anywhere in this country and see black men dating, marrying, and/or having children with white women. Now you are starting to see more Black women openly dating and marrying White men. Why is this!

Why are so many African American women doing very well economically and spiritually, and also why are there so many single, salty, angry, and puffed up sistas?

The slave owner Willie Lynch knew how to divide the slaves and keep their descendants divided. He said his method would last for three hundred years. He was absolutely right! In this modern time, this new millennium, there remain divisions between the young and the old, the dark skin, and the light skin, the male and the female African American.

African Americans are a very confused people, but ironically we have the power to end white supremacy! It is probably our destiny. It is probably why the Willie Lynch’s of the past and present work so hard to pit African Americans against other.

Was there a divine reason why African slaves suffered 300 years of chattel slavery? Was there a divine reason why the descendents of African slaves served 100 years of hell?

Maybe Willie Lynch knew something, and maybe today’s “powers that be” know something? They know a unified African American community would White supremacy. So the institutions of the United States of American purposely lure African Americans in front of a television screen or a movie screen, and away a library or a book store. And also away from each other!

Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues by Marc Sims (Paperback - Feb 2004)

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  1. This is so true, and we do have the power to undo Willie Lynch but do we have the will?! I don't think so, for we as a people have been so manipulated mentality for so long, look at our young today, they still permeate Willie Lynch that our will is so far down and lost that it maybe so very hard to get up from?! Annemarie.