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Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues
by Marc Sims

Unedited Galley Version please excuse the typos


You must also have all your white servants and overseers distrust all blacks but it is necessary that your slaves trust and depend on us.

Willie Lynch

Old joke: What do you call a black man with a Ph.D. from Harvard? You call him or her nigger! We hope this old joke is not a reality today, but African Americans as a group, will never become equal to European Americans. Well, some whites will treat you as an equal if you do not show any real love for your people. Just become a race neutral Negro and you will have plenty of white friends!

Many economically successful African Americans have tried their best to become white, meaning that want to be accepted by whites. This is understandable, because white folks have all the money. The medium income African Americans have is half of the medium income of white Americans. This is one reason why most black neighborhoods don’t look as nice as white neighborhoods. It takes a lot of money to keep a home looking like new. The other reason why most of our communities don’t look as nice as other communities is African Americans have a love/hate relationship with each other. Although we instinctively love each other, we were taught by Willie Lynch to distrust each other. This distrust is one reason why there are so many businesses run by other nationalities in our communities. When we see a Black owned business, it triggers the thought; “why should I make that nigger rich”! We because jealous and go spend our money with people who have no intentions of circulating money though the African American community. Most of the billions and billions of dollars we earn every year lands in banks, insurance companies, mortgages companies, and other business that are own by European Americans.

We have all the money we need to solve all of our problems, but we spend too much money foolishly. We spend too much for the out side of our bodies vs. the inside of our bodies! We eat too much! We drink and get high too much! And of course we gamble way too much money! We buy millions of lottery tickets every day. You only need one ticket to win, but we buy 10, 20, or 30 every week! The money we lose at the casino, the horse or dog track, and buying lottery tickets add up to hundreds of millions of dollars that could have used to developed the minds of African American children.

African Americans also have love/hate feelings for whites and the United States of America. The United States is our home. We have lived here, as a people for over four hundred years, and 95% of us have no intentions of moving back to the continent of Africa. America has many problems, but it is the only home we know we know. Be it ever so racist, there is no place
like home!
We are naturally peaceful people! We do not kill European Americans for the past and present unequal and genocidal treatment we have received. African Americans are like any other people; we just want peace, justice, and equality.

In America we have plenty of race and class issues. The lower educated African Americans have little class, the want-to-be bourgeoisie think they have a lot of class, and the real black bourgeoisie spend most of their time with their white classy friends.

In the good old USA conservative African Americans are rewarded very well for being color blind Negroes. White conservatives accept this small group because they are non-threatening and will not dare blame Willie Lynch or any other European American for dividing Black people. They act like there is no inequality and no injustices in the United States. They have been thoroughly brainwashed and see black as being bad and white as being good. African American conservatives believe the majority should rule, and white
European Americans are the largest group of people in the United States. African American conservatives may mean well, but they fail to realize they are pawns trotted out for the purpose of dividing African Americans. You will see Black conservatives on television but you will rarely see Black nationalist on the same TV show.

The conservatives tell Black folks to think for them-selves and become successful individuals. Yes, anyone can become a successful individual in the USA. All you have to do is to use your education or skills to get a good job or open up a business. Give your customers or employer what they want, and then save and invest 10% of your earnings and live happily ever after.

As an individual you can achieve great success in America, but what about the rest of your people? The conservatives will tell you to forget about “your people”!

African Americans on the liberal side of the political spectrum ain’t that much better! They spend too much time at some policy meeting, or at some political party, and not enough time on the ground with the urban poor. African American liberals are basically assimilationist, so they really do not want to solve the problems of the urban poor. Their focus is keeping their good jobs and making money for European American corporations and foundations.

African American politicians are assimilationist. Today we have more elected officials and community organizations than ever before and poverty and crime remains a huge issue in our community.

African American democrats and republicans are not willing to (or are unable to) eliminate crime and poverty in the African American community. With the ineffectiveness of our politicians we can understand why young Africans Americans, and the poor don’t vote. They don’t see any real tangible results coming from the electoral process.
What they see is African American liberals and conservatives being house negroes who work on different parts of the master,s house!

For younger African Americans, racism and white supremacy are like the atoms of the air. They cannot see it, touch or smell it, but racism affects them every day of their lives. When they go to school, they’re taught from a white American point of view. When they watch TV or go the movies, they see the white European American world view. When they go out and work in corporate America, they see American racism and capitalism in all its glory. When young African Americans find themselves in court, they are judge by white America’s point of view. When the younger brothers and sisters finally figure out something ain’t right, it’s too late. It is a shame every generation is not sat down and taught all about the reality of the world.

Race and class issues are very real in the good old USA and the African American urban poor are burdened the most.
Nobody wants to live with poor black people. In fact, poor black people do not even want to live in a poor black neighborhood. White families will live with black families until the black families begin to out number them.

The first fear of the white family is miscegenation! The slave master mixed his genetics with his Black slaves, but the average White person doesn’t want any race mixing. This is very understandable, and this needs to be thoroughly discussed. If you disagree, read this great book, The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing.

The vast majority of European Americans live in European American neighborhoods. They do not want to live as a minority, surrounded by “the minorities”. You can’t fault them, they just need to be honest about their views on race relations in America.

It would be great to hear today’s white parents say; “I don’t want my son or daughter having babies with black people”. It would be great to hear today’s White people say; “I am afraid of Black people”. Whites seem to fear retribution from African Americans. They seem to fear we will beat them up, or rob them, or have sexual relations with their women. We all need to begin speaking honestly about our feelings and about each other.

This is natural; you would expected to see people of the same ethnic or racial group living in their own neighborhood. Birds of a feather flock together. However there are some exceptions! What is also natural is sexual attractions between men and women. There are some serious and uptight views about how sexuality and race should be handled in the United States. All the different people in the United States must be honest about their feelings of race mixing. It is time for some new discussions on race in the USA.

In the good old days, white Americans were the dominant race. When we watched television shows or a movie, we would see whites but very few African, Americans Latinos, Asians, or any one else. Today’s TV shows and movies have more “minority” actors but the Euros are still the dominant race. This is the result of market forces and racist forces that are against the non-white people of America.

Remember racism and capitalism go hand in hand. African Americans are rarely the leading men or women. If they are, they are lone rangers with a White Tonto as their sidekick. There are also not enough movies and TV shows were African Americans have a family, an extended black family, or black friends. We are a very diverse group of human beings, and television producers do not want to show the diversity of today’s African Americans. We all don’t know each other. Some of us can’t dance or sing, or run real fast. Either the white folks who produce television shows and motion pictures don’t understand us, or they don’t want to understand us, or they are totally focused on the bottom line. The majority of television and movie producers may not be racist, but probably a few European Americans it the media who can’t stand Black people.
We also know most white people have real trouble seeing the world the way we see the world.

African Americans do not own the large media conglomerates, so we can only ask white folks to become fair and show the full spectrum of our life in America.

It is tempting to cut most whites some slack because they cannot really understand what it means to be an African American. Also, the average white person is not the real enemy. The average white person is striving to make a decent living for himself and his family. The real enemies of black people are the leaders and institutions of White American supremacy.

The institutions of white America have created the negative perception of African Americans and that negative perception is passed down to all the nationalities of America. The perception is black men are violent and sex crazy and black women are promiscuous and money hungry. Most Americans think we all go to church on Sunday morning. They think everything black is bad and everything white is good. We have all bought into the constant vilification of African Americans.

Racial problems remain real in America because American’s institutions are inherently racist. African Americans cannot get major motion picture or television show made without the approval of white people. African Americans cannot get a product on the shelf of a major store without the approval of white people. Basically, Black people cannot do anything on a national or international scale without the approval of a white person. Yes, white people control every aspect of capitalism in the United States. That’s just the way it is! Every rich African American probably understands the white American power structure can make them poor overnight. The White man giveth and the White man can taketh away! Any brother and sister who forgets this racist capitalist reality will be reminded!

Living in a racist society is bad, but being poor and living in a racist society is even worst. So, the American rich people keep their mouths shut. The middle class people keep their mouths shut, and the poor people continue in misery.

As a group, African Americans will never fully assimilate into mainstream American society. Capitalism cannot create equality! There will always be economic winners and losers under American capitalism. Regardless of the capital we have only 10% to 20% of African Americans really want
fully assimilate into mainstream American society. Most of us want maintain as much of our African American cultural as possible.

White people are in power and
we live in their world! They make the rules and change them whenever they feel like changing them. White people want to stay in control and they do so by culturally making all the non-white people living in the United States, “American”.

What is equally sad is that main line African American organizations continuing to strive for integration. May be soon these old civil rights organizations will realize they are at a dead end. Since 1865, whites have tried to tell African Americans they will not accept all of us. Liberal whites can only deal with a small percentage of us, and the white conservatives will only accept black folks who don't like being black. White people naturally prefer African Americans who are race neutral Negroes. They reject the Black Nationalist or the overly Afrocentric. Integration is all right for the rich or highly educated African American population, but white folks don’t want the rest of us. You would think it would be easy for African Americans to fully integrate into the white community since we are less than fifteen percent of the United States population. Integration should be easy, right? The old civil rights generations wanted integration, or at least assimilation. They wanted European Americans to accepted them as equals. Fortunately the new generations don’t have the same desires of their grandparents.

In the United States of America there are lower income whites, Latinos, Asians, and other Americans, but the low income African Americans catch more hell then any other group.

The United States of America has a real race and class problem. We tolerate each other because we have a few dollars in our pockets. As long as the money keeps flowing, we can all get along.

American society has always determined who is black and who is white. African Americans will quickly tell about their white bloodline, but you will rarely hear white people discuss their genetic history if it includes black blood. There is a new game “they” are playing to weaken the power of African Americans. The game is biracial allegiance and multiculturalism. Remember their goal is to keep African Americans divided.

It does not matter what you call mixed race children, these children will have some hard choices. Who really wants to be a black? In the USA black is bad and white is good. The American media sets the standards for beauty and success. African Americans set the standards for athletics and entertainment, but we don’t have the money and media power that white folks have. Because of this most Americans strive for the European American standards of success. Multiculturalism and biracial allegiance gives African Americans another way to distend themselves from our heritage as they strive to be “American”.
Hopefully, biracial African Americans will speak up and work for justice and equality for the black side of their family.

Believe it or not, there are some good white people. There are a few who fight for freedom, justice and equality. There are also a few we are friendly on the job or at the ball game and who see African Americans as equal human beings. It is too bad there are only a few good European Americans that have any real political or economic power. African Americans should work with them and other Americans of goodwill. However, the bulk of our time is needed in our own homes and communities.

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