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Willie Lynch

Why African American Have So Many Issues

Marc Sims

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Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues by Marc Sims (Paperback - Feb 2004)


The black slave, after receiving this indoctrination, shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for hundreds of years, maybe thousands.

Willie Lynch

There is an old saying used many times on WVON radio in Chicago: “You cannot expect white people to teach black children to compete with white children.” Year after year the average African American parents send their children to inferior public schools. The public schools, and private schools turn African American children, especially boys, into “Negroes” or “niggers”.

This may sound very harsh until you analyze the results. For the purpose of this argument, the controversial word nigger means an uncouth person. There are million of niggers in America.
A few may live on your block, or down the street. In urban Black America they seen to be everywhere. There is a not so old saying that is so true: niggers don’t die, we multiply!

Negroes are everywhere too! Negroes are African Americans who want to be white or want to be accepted by whites as equals. Most educators would be considered Negroes. They are well-intentioned people, but they have been mentally conditioned by a White supremacist American culture. We have all been affected by Willie Lynch! Willie Lynch’s divide and conquered tricks have African American men, women, and children are at odds with each other today.

Every African American student should read the Willie Lynch speech before they enter high school and then again before they complete high school. The Willie Lynch speech should be taught in school, in the home, in every religious and community group. The reason for teaching students the Willie Lynch speech is to eventually eliminate negroisum and niggerisum. The purpose is to end the three hundred year spell of Willie Lynch. When adults and children know better they tend to do better.

The educational systems and popular culture of the United States turn African American children into mentally dead human beings.

In elementary school, African American children are educated and mis-educated. Some African Americans are adequately educated, a few are fully educated, but all are mis-educated by the omission of real history. What African American students received is “His-story”! Yes, the “white man’s”, or a European version of world history.

Just remember your history lessons about the United States of America. It is a very impressive history! Especially when you compare it with African American history. The African slaves served their white slave masters for three hundred years. Then the freed slaves and their descendants had to deal with one hundred years of discrimination and injustice.

The whites slowly but surely used the free labor of black African slaves to build a paradise in North America. Historic honors should be given to the whites that founded the United States because they were brave and great men of determination and vision. However, we must not forget that some of these great men were slave owners! The black African men, women, and children were not equal to white men. Nor were white women equal to the white men. Nor were the indigenous people, called Indians, considered equal to them.

These simple historical facts are cracks in the foundation of the history of the United States. Some of these cracks are being patched up, but many still remain. This is supposed to be a country where there is freedom and justice for all, but the descendants of American Indians and African slaves have never received a full level of freedom and justice. Our Children need to know the truth; the truth will set them free from Willie Lynch!
The truth that the instructions of America are structured to make, and keep African Americans subservient to European Americans.

Every African American educator is a walking history lesson. They can tell students their life story and how it relates to the life of their students. It is too bad too many educators are afraid to give young students a complete history lesson! They are afraid of giving their students a living history lesson because undeniable truth will empower their students.

Educators are afraid of losing their jobs for giving African American students the inspiration to defeat white supremacy. African American students need to be taught how history relates to their lives and their world.

No educator wants to teach black children to hate white people or any one else. However, African American students should have a good education about racism and white supremacy. The institutions of the United States have a history of brain washing and controlling the minds of African Americans. Our educators have the responsibility of inspiring their students to read. Everything a student wants to know or needs to know is in a book or on the internet. There are so many excellent books and web sites to read. Reading will expand a student’s mind and prevent them from turning into a thug!

Encouraging a child to read is a challenge. Only a very few students are born readers, the majority have to be inspired. If the love of reading did not start at home, or at pre- school, then the responsibility falls on the elementary schoolteacher. Some parents also have to be inspired to read. The first book all African American parents and educators must read is Carter G. Woodson’s “The Mis-Education of the Negro”.

Every black bookstore is full of mind enlightening books to read and also audiotapes and compact discs to listen in the car. Continuous learning must become a way of life in the African American community. Parent’s definitely need to read a book on raising an African American child in this European American dominated society.

Many educators of black children are “White”. White people, and also black people who think like white people, control the United State's educational systems. Because of this, African American students are not taught to use their education to create businesses and other institutions that would improve life in African American neighborhoods. African American students are taught, instead, to act as individuals. They are taught to look out for themselves, get a good job, and forget about our people. There are millions of Brothers and Sisters who have followed this advice and moved as far as they possibly could from our old urban neighborhoods.
Moving away from people who have a ghetto mentality is understandable, but instead we need to come on back home and make the public schools one of the institutions that will destroy the ghetto mentality.

African Americans will never eliminate ignorance, street crimes, and poverty until we create a cultural movement for academic excellence. Human beings are influenced by their family, friends, neighbors, and their culture. In low-income neighborhoods there is a culture of survival. So there is very little energy and intellect to inspire students to raise their life’s expectation beyond survival.

Every child will not grow up to be a rocket scientist, computer scientist, or professional athlete, but every student must be encouraged to believe they can reach a reasonable level of academic success.

This may sound impossible, because the majority of African American children will always attend inferior public schools. It does not matter how much local or national politicians want to improve the public schools. African Americans should never expect white people to teach black children to compete with white children, so African Americans must have a different mission for the average urban public school. Part of this mission should be to teach African American children to love themselves, other African Americans, and their neighborhood.

Wealthy parents can send their children to the best schools! These schools have the best educators, the best curriculum, the best equipment, the best administrators, and the best resources. Middle income and poor African Americans reluctantly send their children to inferior public schools. The rich always get the best, and the poor get what’s left!

There could be a much bigger problem for low-income students than inferior public schools. Wealthy and well-educated parents expect the best from and for their children. What do lower income parents expect from and for their children? Subconsciously some parents may not want their children to achieve in school.

Now before you get too upset, just think about it! Children are a reflection of their parent’s desires and the child’s environment. Subconsciously some parents may not want their children to excel for fear they will leave them in poverty. Remember, misery loves company!
There are numerous psychologist and other professionals. They should study this theory further. The point is, we are all products of our environment and success or failure is contagious.

Any educator will tell you that good students usually are the result good of parenting and bad students usually are the result of bad parenting.

Many of the challenges facing African Americans will be eliminated when public education becomes the top priority of every concerned resident and community organization. Willie has divided African Americans for three hundred years, it is time for us to put aside our petty differences and save our children! The next generation of gangbangers, illegal drug addicts and incompetent parents are currently attending inferior public schools. Visit the average public school and
you will see the future of the African American community.

African Americans need local and national leaders who will totally focus on the proper education of African American children. Excellent preschools, grammar, and high schools are desperately needed in every African American community.

The key to success is creating independent and focused leadership on education. Their job is to put constant pressure on principals, parents, and public school boards. Children are born brilliant, but the public schools do a remarkable job of mentally beating the brilliance out of African American children.

Every African American child has a unique talent. Every child is born with the potential to do something great. It is the responsibility of all African Americans to develop an educational system to bring out and develop those skills.

What are the ingredients of an excellent public school system? We need cooperative parents, children, and public school educators who are working together for the success of the students. What are the components of the average public school in our community? Subconsciously, some parents may not want their children to achieve in school.
If a school is poorly educating students, it is often because the parents are poorly educated or unwilling to demand better performance from the children and the school.

African Americans will never fully eliminate the ills of our community until all African Americans participate in the betterment of African American children. This cultural movement can quickly turn into a way of life.

Every educator has the power to keep a student either on the right path or on the road to poverty. Educators need the support of their educational system, parents, and community residents. All educational systems should give educators the power to kick out poorly performing, misbehaving students who demonstrate they cannot be reformed. These students should not be allowed to hold back the student who wants to learn. Special classes or special schools should be set up to help those students with their educational or emotional needs. Also, parents should train their children to be well behaved and ready to learn. Unruly and disrespectful students are top reasons why the public schools are so bad. Public School teachers some with for these bad-ass children!

Everyone in this country should also demand higher pay for educators in middle and low-income school districts.

Educators are at their best when they become real, honest and passionate about the subjects they are teaching. Educators are also at their best when they relate what they are teaching with the reality of their students' world. They are the most important component in the future success of African Americans. They need the support of the entire African American community. Educators need more compensation for their services, more computer equipment, and more help with their unprepared, unruly students. If African Americans want to eliminate crime and poverty, we need more educational funding and more
Volunteers for our children.
We are living in the digital age! With new digital devices and programs popping up all around us, every student should be reading at grade level. Computers can easily teach a student with out a teacher or parent being present. The so-called qualified teacher shortage will be solved by the writers of computer soft-wear. The teachers unions may not like it, but many students will be taught by lap top computers, large flat screen monitors, and well-trained human facilitators.

In this digital age, no student should be undereducated or mis-educated!

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