Monday, August 31, 2009


Willie Lynch: Why African Americans Have So Many Issues
by Marc Sims


This book was written to stimulate thought, create some debates, and inspire some action! It was also written with the hope that this book would be a small part of a new cultural movement. A movement that will insure that every African American neighborhood is safe and clean, with excellent schools.

It does not matter if we live in the city, the suburbs, or in a small country town, a new movement is needed to end the effects of Willie Lynch!

The civil rights era basically ended with the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The civil rights organizations of today are self-aggrandizing. They don’t concentrate
their efforts on making our old urban neighborhoods safe for women and children. The only concerned with getting job and contracts for their friends.

Too many middle class African Americans have been living off the success of the civil rights movement. As the civil rights generations age, the post civil rights generations have the reasonability to improve the quality
of life in African American communities. We can make life better of our children and grand children by organizing our mental and monetary resources. It is time to circle the wagons and pool our resources and protect our children.

Elijah Muhammad was the last leader that showed African Americans how to pool their resources. Ever since the years of the old Nation of Islam African Americans have been wondering in the wilderness.

It may take a few more years before Hip-Hop generations to develop a new pool our resources movement, but this movement is inevitable.

It is about time African Americans finally removed the mental shackles of slavery. We have the talent, and the money, but do we have the desire? If we started now we would see improvements in one year, and great changes three years.

Now you are problem asking your self how? What can I do today to begin to solve the societal ills of the African American community? How can I end the ignorance, and the selfishness among African Americans? If you want to do something, just physically or financially support a positive youth program in you neighborhood. The main challenge African Americans living in low-income neighborhoods is providing positive male role models for our children. If we just did that, most of our other challenges will take care of them selves! Send some money toady to an organization that teaches young people values and principles.

You would probably agree African Americans cannot exactly recreate a Marcus Garvy movement, or Dr. Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement, and we are too Christian to follow all the teachings of Elijah Muhammad. However we need to reexamine the writings and speeches of these
great men.

Mr. Muhammad said White people are naturally devilish people who make mischief all over the world. Christianity teaches its followers to love their enemies and to turn the other cheek. Do you think we will ever see a Black Nationalist Christian?

African Americans should also follow Booker T. Washington’s advice and lower our buckets. We have all the money we need right in our own neighborhoods. We more electricians, carpenters, and other people with skills to perform services for each other. It is a shame we have to ask other nationalities to fix our house, or our car.

It would also be wise for African Americans to modernizes and expand W. E. B. Dubois’ vision of the talented tenth. African Americans receive college degrees every year, more Brothers and Sitters need to resist the temptations of the White life and use their education to build businesses that will benefit African Americans.

All of us want to live in clean and safe neighborhoods with excellent schools, but evidently some African Americans feel they cannot stop the crime in their neighborhood.

Leadership is desperately needed to inspire all the different tribes in the African American community to work together to make their neighborhoods safe and clean. Now when the new wave of leaders emerge, make sure you ask them if they are financed by white people! African Americans should be suspicious of leaders and organizations that receive thousands of dollars from American corporations. African Americans have to finance the organizations of the new young
Leaders. We do not want are young leaders corrupted by large sums of White money.

The suspicion and tension between blacks and whites will never end. White people have a long history of war and rumors of wars. Genocide is also part of their history. Privately, African Americans feel Aids is a virus created to kill undesirable human beings. This means poor people, especially people of color in Africa and Asia. Mother earth can provide the resources needed to feed, clothed, and shelter every human being, but the rich and supper rich have no plans to care for all of Gods children.

Although there is obvious injustice, inequality, and genocide, African Americans should not waste any energy hating the white people we see every day. Our focuses should be on transforming crime ridden and economically depressed African American neighborhoods. We should concentrate on strengthening our families and proving an excellent education for our children. After we save ourselves, then we can go save the rest of the world!

Whether we choose to live the rest of your life in the United States, or to follow the path W. E. B. Dubois and move to the west cost of Africa, we must continue to focus on your family, your neighborhood, and your community.

When African Americans eliminate the crime and poverty in our urban neighborhoods, we will gain the
respect of the world.

The goal is simple, clean and safe neighborhoods, with excellent schools!

We not should not allow ourselves to be distracted by any wars, any media subterfuge, or the reparations movement. It is ok to participate in the reparations movement, but do not let it distract you from making our neighborhoods clean and safe for African American women and children.

The reparations movement is very necessary, but it could divert us from pooling the resources African American have right now that solve all our challenges.
It may take twenty to twenty-five years of consistent pressure on the United States government for the descents of African slaves to obtain reparations.
We should first ask the United States for an apology for slavery, and then demand reparations for slavery. The next step is to watch out for the Negroes leaders who will try to water down the final settlement. As the reparations for slavery fight goes on our Willie Lynch slave mentality has to be destroyed before we are qualified to receive our forty acres, a mule, and millions of dollars from the US government. If every African American received a million dollars today, we would go on a mad spending spree, thus giving all money back to White people. First we have to get our act together, meaning, we must end the Willie Lynch mind set before we can correctly handle any reparations!

African Americans should take reasonability for our success and failures in our community.
We should not hold any animosity against any Latinos, Asians, or any other new immigrants. They have been allowed to imminagrate to the Unites States so whites can benefit from their labor and their income. Only large numbers of Black people are not wanted in the United States of America. The European American powers have always sought to control, incarcentrat, or Kill Black people. The purveyors of the Willie Lynch plan were so successful brain washing their slaves the descendents of African slaves cause as much harm to themselves to as their former slaver owners.

The resurrection of the mentally dead is long over do! When will African Americans ever wake up?

The entire world is waiting for African Americans to wake up and take control of their minds. In the past when Black people began to wake up Negro leaders were dispatched to rock black people back to sleep. The next time African Americans begin to smell the coffee, the agents and provocateurs will not be so successful. With computer technology so widely available, and so easy to use, everyone can read and understand the Willie Lynch speech. The flow of mind enlightening information is unstoppable! A person has really got to go out of their way to remain ignorant.

There are bookstores, libraries, talk radio, 24 hours TV news, informational audiotapes and compact disc to listen in the car. Only a deliberate fool will consciously reject undeniable truth. However, soon and very soon a fool will not be able to tell that lie; I did not know.

Marc Sims
February 2004