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Willie Lynch

Why African American Have So Many Issues!

Marc Sims

By her being left alone, unprotected, which the male image destroyed, the ordeal caused her to move from her psychological dependent state to a frozen independent state.

Willie Lynch

Black women have some serious problems and we must also blame the root of those problems on Willie Lynch. The modern day sister will have to confront the reality of how Mr. Lynch has successfully divided the black man from the black woman.
During slavery, an African male slave could be killed for standing up to the White man. Today an African American man will suffer the consequences for standing up to the institutions of the United States. Black women and Black men are constantly being divided by the racist institutions of the United States America.

Racism in the United States is a historical and modern day reality. Yes, even in our high tech world there is a continuous effort to keep African American women and men at odds with each other. Unfortunately, African American women easily fall for the trickery because they do not fully understand the power of divide and conquer tactics. Black women know they have to look out for themselves, but they also must understand most black men are victims of white supremacy!

Divide and conquer is the oldest game in the book of tricks. This is a
reality African American woman
should not go though life denying.
The relationships with their father, brother, uncle, or any other Black man has been effective American racism.

There are a lot women that have “issues” and the root cause of some of their issues is the result of a poor
or nonexistent relationship with their farther.

Ask a sista; how many Black men did they love and respected while they were growing up. Ask them did they have loving relationships with their father, or uncles. How many African American women do you know grew up seeing their parents interact in a loving manner? The point is many African American women did not have loving relationships with their father when they were a child. This could be the reason why too many “sistas” have trouble understanding and loving African American men.

Now the world ain’t perfect, so we should not think all of our relationships will be prefect. However, African American women will have better relationships with their “Brothers” when they recognize, and then ignore the focuses that seek to divide Black men and women.

There are differences between men and women, and these differences are exploited today.
Most women tend to be a tad more emotional than men, but in most ways women are more focused and disciplined than the average man. This is one reason why so many black girls do so well in grade school, in college, and on the job.

People in power, who have the thinking of Willie Lynch, know women want security! Every woman wants to know the rent will be paid and her children will not go to bed hungry. In this country, if you do not have any money, you will quickly become homeless, hungry, and necked.

For most women, if not all African American women, money and security are the same! In today’s world, an African American woman really does not need an African American man. At least not for any financial needs!

Not so long ago the slave owners had the money and the power. In modern day America, only a few brothers are multi-millionaires. There are some very successful athletes, entertainers, and businessmen, but they cannot compare to white male billionaires. Even the average brother cannot compare to the white male bosses on the job. How many African America men have the money, and
the power, meaning the security a Black woman truly desires?

Also, how many obedient, caring, loving, and wealthy brothers are there in the United States?

An African American man who is wealthy, and also a good listener is a fantasy for some African American women. In the real world the sistas see too many Black men standing on the corner, in front of a liquor store, or on the porch of their mama’s house. Yes there are millions of Black Men doing the right thing, but there millions of Brothers who are losers.

African American women should understanding they are the ones raised these un-ambitious, no good black men! African Americans mothers and grandmothers are famous for spoiling their boys. Too many well-intentioned black women let their little boys have their way and buy them too many toys and expensive clothes. These expensive clothes and toys give their boys a warped sense of reality. And when the results of spoiling their boys become evident, there is no real plan to correct these poorly raised boys. Some of theses African American boys grow to be wild and disrespectful men with real character problems.

Women shouldn’t spoil their boys just because there ain’t no man in the house! They need to keep their boys off the mean streets and get them into wholesome activities that will build their character. African American children suffer from the lack of positive male role models. Children shouldn’t raise themselves; so young African American mothers should ask "the village" to help them raise their boys and their girls.

Women are the first teachers of the children. If mom is uneducated or has no mother wit, what kind of children will she raise? Children are reflections of their parents. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

There is a disconnection between wise women and young foolish women. Wise, adult African American women have to get very real with African American girls while they are little girls!

A fifteen-year-old young woman is wiser than a ten-year-old girl. A twenty-five year old woman is wiser than a fifteen-year-old, and a thirty-five year old woman is much wiser than a twenty-five year old woman. There is far too much wisdom in the village for young women to make foolish choices because of a lack of knowledge.

We are surrounded by too much information for young women to continue to make poor choices. They need to know the real deal before they get into a situation they cannot deal with. Every girl should be culturally persuaded not to have any children in their late teens or early twenties. A young woman’s youth is for learning and growing, not for raising children. Child rearing is for the woman who has a plan and purpose for raising children. The successful women of the village have to get real with our teen-age girls and share their knowledge. It’s easy to bridge the generation gaps; Black Women just make it plain and tell these young women! If you want to become poor, or remain poor, just have some children before you obtain a very good education!

Young women should be taught to love them selves and to stay away from men who will take advantage of their youth.
Men will use our young women if our young women do not have high levels of self-esteem. There are plenty of Brothers who will make babies with no plans to raise his own children. Young Sistas beware!

The Willie Lynch’s of the past and present have done a masterful job diving the African American woman from the African American man. In the 1970’s the well-fair system would not provide assistance for the woman who lived with her man. In the 1980’s the illegal drug culture exploded! Illegal drugs are purposely dumped into African American communities to destabilize them! Yes the vast majority of African Americans say no to illegal drugs, but the drug culture; that was set up by “the man” creates so much chaos in African Americans neighborhoods.

Also back in the 80’s too many Black women bought into that “I don’t need no man”, feminist-lesbian nonsense. Hopefully the young sistas will not fall for that trick.

Women love romance and fantasy so it easy to trick them into not valuing the institutions of family and community. African American have to be reminded that they are not White women.

Black women are also not white feminist. African American women are not the white movie starlets or soap opera queens. African American women, as a group will never attain the stature of White women. Black women are not the standard of beauty in the USA.
When Black women worked in the fields they could never become “Miss. Ann”, but the supporting roll of Aunt Jemima was available.
The female slave was not on par with the master’s wife or daughter.
During slavery Black women were field workers and servants for White people!

During slavery Black women were raped
And killed by white men. During slavery a few Black women were persuaded or forced to be the master’s mistress.

The job of mistress remains available today, and it is still being filled by women seeking money and status.

Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts, and African American women have too many “I” thoughts. Too many are selfish, “I want to buy something for me” thoughts. The goal of too many African American women is to earn a lot of money and spend a lot of money. Their goals rarely include having a father, (or father figures) in the lives of their children, or the uplifting of African American community. It is all about me, not we, but me! Black women do not fully understand Willie Lynch, African American men, and themselves in this modern time. There are millions of beautiful black women who are single because of Willie Lynch, television, movies, magazines, various fantasy books, and other deliberate forces. African American women can think for themselves, but all too often enemy forces control their thoughts. There are a few conscious women, and they are vilified for being overly nationalistic or Afrocentric.
In the United States, money is valued, material wealth is valued, so African American men have very little value. In the minds of African American women, cash is king and many African American men are considered chump change! In America, a "good man" makes twenty thousand dollars a month, not twenty thousand dollars a year. A good man is a Brother who let’s his wife have her way. “Mr. Right” is a man who is wealthy, healthy, and obedient!

A whole lot of Black women are waiting for Mr. Right, but Mr. Right ain’t showing up. A sista will be waiting a long time for that fantasy Brother who earns six figures. Now there are millions of average Brothers who would be a good mate! These are caring brothers earning twenty-five to sixty five thousand dollars a year. Sorry sisters, you have to settle for less
or settle for each other!

All African American women must come to a realization that the devaluation of the black man was started by our enemies and their goal is to weaken or destroy the influence and leadership of black men over the black family. We know the foundation of any civilization is the family, and a weakened family structure is disastrous to a people or a nation. Black women should be very upset at Willie Lynch and also at today’s intuitional white supremacy, but they are not. Black women seem to only care about getting paid and spending money! So they are the consummate consumers and are no threat to the evilness that divides and conquers Black people.

This is just one reason why African American women are promoted in American society over the African American man. It is because African American women will go with the flow even if three million African American men flow up the river to prison. What a shame! African American women have the money to eliminate the economic poverty in our neighborhoods, but they would rather spend their money with people who do believe in economic reciprocity. Some Sistas have Koreans doing their nails, and Arabs doing the hair. Ain’t that wild!

They especially love spending their money on expensive retail bullshit! African American women try very hard to buy their happiness, but at the end of the day, these sisters are left all alone with their expensive this and expensive that.

When will African American women wake up and realize they have been tricked? When will our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts realize Willie Lynch has tricked them? When will African American women realize they have the brainpower and the financial power to revitalizes the economically depressed and morally depressed sections of the African American community?

Waiting on Jesus or hoping and paying the lost soles in the Black community will eventually turn away from their wicked ways will not end the daily drama in our community.

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  1. "African American women, as a group will never attain the stature of White women." White women as a group will never attain the stature of African American women. Black women have been through the fire and refined like Gold. Although some African American women do fall for the illusion and succumb to that level...

    In America, a "good man" makes twenty thousand dollars a month, not twenty thousand dollars a year. A good man is a Brother who let’s his wife have her way. “Mr. Right” is a man who is wealthy, healthy, and obedient! In Reality A GOOD MAN is righteous not necessarily a church man but a MAN with Integrity, Honesty, Wisdom, Understanding...Ect... Someone once said its easier for a camel to go through the head of a needle than for a rich man to see the kingdom of God. Mr. Right Has something more percious than silver and gold. Mr. Right gives them real love, Piece, and Happiness. Its ironic that they are wanting all that but looking for Mr. Rich Right who's looking for the same things because he's learned money don't make you happy.

    When will African American women wake up and realize they have been tricked? When we hip them to game. Just like you just did. Explain the history and the illusion of the BLACK MAN that Willie Lynch systems created. Show them how Willie Lynchiens created the modern illusion that many believe is what a black man is. Then Show them you...

    Heres that 2% I was talking about Waiting on Jesus or hoping and paying the lost soles in the Black community will eventually turn away from their wicked ways will not end the daily drama in our community. "N word" PLEASE!!! Jesus Does answer!!! The only ones that aren't seeing are the ones not believing...C...